Contemporary design and elegance

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Contemporary design and elegance

Designing the largest multi-brand fashion house in the center of Nova Gorica in Slovenia, we focused on contemporary design, elegance and flexibility of furniture and the pleasant ambiance of the store. The division into a women's department on the ground floor and a men's department on the first floor achieved functionality with clear dynamics of use, as well as the gradation of space according to the exclusivity of brands.

The dark colour of the equipment creates a contrast to the light tones in the space, while its quality is reflected in the selected combination of solid and perforated metal and glass and veneer that outline the basic shape geometry.The differentiation of the men's and women's suits was achieved by choosing different predominant colours in the interior through various tones of wallpaper, carpets, and metal details accentuated by a noble colour. The interior features distinctive micro-locations designed for seating so customers and their entourage can enjoy shopping and trying on clothes.

December 21, 2018

Design and architecture/ Sobočan Design Studio -  Ines Brezetić (Architect), Jakov Fatović (Architect)

Production/ Sobočan -  Marko Trupković (Project Manager), Marko Nedeljko (Project Technologist)

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